Cable Channel

Product information

  • Variable diameter
  • customizable channels possible
  • Accommodates cables, power supplies and power strips
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • No build-up of heat thanks to the open design
  • Separate routing of power cables and data cables

Technical specifications

  • Length: 100cm
  • Total width: 20 cm
  • Wide wings: 2 x 9 cms
  • Model: 46 single wings
  • Diameter: max. 5 cm
  • Quality: Made in Europe

Product Description

The clever and flexible solution for bundling, arranging and routing cables and power lines. The cable duct H is extremely flexible and can therefore be laid anywhere without any problems. The well thought-out H-shaped wing system offers the option of running power cables and data cables in separate channels. Cable duct H can even be used to lay and hold cables with power supply units and socket strips. Of course, the cables can be routed and inserted at any point. The cable duct H offers 3 customizable channels for cable routing. The Velcro on the back offers the possibility of mounting on the desk, the wall or on devices. The cable duct H can be easily wiped off or vacuumed.