Cable Net Organizer

Product information

  • NEAT & TIDY: No more messy cables!! Our cable management sleeve will keep your office and home neat & tidy with no more tangled cables causing an unsightly mess
  • EASY ACCESS: - With a zipper closure you can just wrap all the cords and pull them together zip and done. Never worry about finding the right cable to unplug again; the zip-up mechanism gives you pain-free access to your cables anytime.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL AND MUTI-FUNCTION- The seams and material is very strong and good quality for years of use. It can also wrapped on steering wheels or carriage bars to add comfort.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM- The sleeves are long and wide enough for all types of cables like USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Display Port, power cables, etc. You can zip two together into one big one for larger bundles.
  • DIY BY YOURSELF: Cut slits to run cable out; Ideal for home, office or working shop - No need to worry the messy tangled cords depress you or trip your kid